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Getting Here

We will send you detailed logistics after you book your space.

Getting to Pura Vida is an easy, safe and very picturesque journey.

3 hour flight from San Francisco or 2 hour from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta Airport, 20-25 minute taxi drive from the airport and 40 minute Water Taxi ride to Yelapa.

Somebody from Pura Vida will be meeting you upon your arrival in Yelapa at Playa Isabel.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need visa for Mexico?

You do not need visa. You will need valid passport for up to 6 months travel in Mexico.

Do I need any vaccinations?

No, there is no requirement for any vaccinations for traveling in Mexico.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

It is very safe. Hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to Puerto Vallarta every year.

Yelapa is only forty minutes from Puerto Vallarta by boat – a safe and picturesque trip. It is a town of about 1500 native Mexicans living in an indigenous community, peacefully co-existing with around 200 expats (in a high season). There are no cars, no roads and no crime.

Do I need an electrical adaptor for my cell phone charger?

No, you don’t. Mexico has the same 120V electrical outlets.

Can I just stay overnight (or longer) in your hotel without engaging in your programs?

Yes, you can, if the space is available.  You are welcome to join a yoga/mindfulness class in the morning and evening meditation/inquiry class, on the days when they are being offered.

You are also welcome to enjoy our kitchen serving three healthy, vegetarian meals per day buffet style, at a very moderate prices – $8 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $10 for dinner.. Fish and chicken are available upon request day before.

If you would like to participate in one of our healing programs and retreats, select one and talk to us please.

I see that you offer Spa Services. What should I expect?

At our spa, located just right by the ocean, we offer Thalassotherapy – heated ocean  mineral water soaking in our large swimming pool and hot tub.

We also offer massage, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Reiki, Hot Stone massage,Ozone Sauna sessions, Watsu and many other healing therapies.

Ocean water, infinity swimming pool, Watsu pool has been completed. The Infra-red sauna, is going to be completed in the summer 2019.

What is the best time to visit?

Almost any time is good to enjoy the natural beauty of Yelapa. The hottest and most humid time is in September.

The High tourist season is between November – May. It’s a dry season, and the average temperatures vary between 70-85F during a day, at night – 60-65F.

Advantages – Moderate temperatures and almost no bugs.

The rainy season is between mid-June – mid-October. The temperatures are 80-90F during a day and 65-75F at night.

Disadvantages – mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Mosquito repellent and a mosquito net are good remedies.

Advantages – It’s very quiet! Almost no tourists, wonderfully warm and calm ocean. The rains come usually every two, three days. They are short (1-2 hours usually late afternoon or at night), with an amazing display of lightnings across the sky, Usually sunny or partly cloudy during a day in between the rains. Lush, brilliantly green vegetation and beautiful cloud formations.


What does a typical retreat day look like?

It depends what type of retreat you choose and on your personal preferences. We will have a meeting upon your arrival to help map out your retreat (some of this will also happen on the phone when we discuss your retreat).

Your personal retreat schedule will offer you plenty of time for being alone, and some time for group classes or trips, and, if you book Holistic Healing Retreat, one individual healing session per day. If you book Personal Transformation Retreat, you will be receiving every day Breathwork/counseling sessions and 4 bodywork sessions per week.

Here’s a sample schedule:

8:am – Silent Meditation

8:15 – 9:15 am: Yoga (or Chi-Gong, KUndalini, 5 Rhythms conscious movement)/Meditation

9:15 am: Breakfast or Juice

9:45am – 1pm: Hikes – Waterfalls, hikes on the property, to the pueblo, beach time, snorkeling, boat trip to Marietas Islands, ocean kayaking, paddle boarding, soaking in the mineral hot tub or swimming etc.

11:00am: Juice (if on the juice plan)

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Lunch or Juice

3:00pm: Juice (if on the juice plan)

2:00pm – 7:00pm: Private one-on-one sessions ( breathwork/counseling/couples therapy/Reiki/massage/foot reflexology, Ozone Therapy); hikes, beach time,reading, journaling, ping-pong, walking in the labyrinth, watching spiritual/educational DVDs, or meditating and relaxing by the ocean.

7:00pm – Meditation and Inquiry

7:30pm – Dinner or Juice

Evening: Rest and relaxation, Spiritual Cinema – watch inspirational/educational DVDs, occasional live music.

On Sundays we may schedule a day or half a day of structured silence, which includes silent meditations, mindfulness walks, group breathwork.

You can add on many other options such as other types of healing sessions from our healing therapies page, collage making, art, journaling,  or just do nothing and simply be in a beautiful nature.

What is included in Holistic Healing Program?

All Holistic Healing Retreats include lodging, close to 100% organic juice or meals, organic liquid supplements, herbal teas, morning yoga/exercise, twice daily guided/silent meditation and spiritual inquiry, use of infrared sauna, nature hikes on the property, to waterfalls or nearby mountains, inspirational and educational films. You will have some structured time for sessions and classes, and plenty of free time on your own for nature walks, meditating and just being. In addition, daily individual therapeutic sessions are scheduled for each personal retreat program.

How many sessions do I get with a Holistic Healing Retreat Program?

Holistic Healing program includes daily individual healing sessions (1 session per day excluding the day of your departure). For example, on a 7-day retreat you get 6 sessions; on a 3-day retreat you get 2 sessions. We alternate breathwork / counseling / spiritual coaching sessions with bodywork / energy sessions (massage, Reiki, Watsu, Foot Reflexology with ionic bath detox). You may add additional sessions listed on Healing Therapies page at an extra charge.

What is Personal Transformation Retreat?

Our longer 7, 10, 14, 21,or 28 day programs offering healing depression, stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD retreats . Healing and transforming negative patterns and self-defeating behaviors resulting from birth/childhood trauma, abuse, accidents, surgeries and other traumatic life events. In addition to Holistic Healing Program described above, you will receive more personal attention and care with daily Breathwork/Counseling/Spiritual Life Coaching sessions and 4 weekly body/energy work sessions. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques to expel built up toxins and negativity; meditation, mindfulness and inquiry practices to rediscover your true self, release the illusion of separation and to live in joy and peace in the present moment. You will also get support to learn and create individual program and practices to continue after the retreat on your own at home.

How many people are at a retreat at a time?

We are a small, intimate retreat where you can enjoy peace and tranquility of nature. We can accommodate 1 to 25 persons at a time. The typical retreat supports 5-10 people. It is a personal retreat in a small group setting. However if your retreat is scheduled not at the posted retreat time or it’s a longer retreat you may expect anything from 1 to 10 people at a time.


Do you have wifi and cell phone use?

There is a patchy cell phone reception at the property. We do have fast speed Wi-Fi at Pura Vida,only at the common area around the dining area and by the pools, but not in the rooms, and available only at designated times, as we intend to stay almost EMF-free.  There is also Wi-Fi in pueblo, just 12 minute walk. However we strongly recommend that you take a break from your computer and cell phone to experience a deeper retreat for yourself and respect others on retreat.


Do I need to be in a good physical shape to participate in the retreat?

Walking at Pura Vida and Yelapa maybe at times a little challenging for those used to straight flat urban sidewalks. The terrain is uneven, rocky and there is some walking up and down the hill. We are located in the lush jungle, so you may experience some contact with mosquitoes and other insects. Generally between November and April there is much less insects.

Most walkways at Pura Vida are paved, but you need to be in a decent physical form to be able to walk a few flights of stairs. Yoga and other conscious physical practices are for all levels.


Do you have television in the room?

We don’t have television in your rooms to invite you to enjoy quiet reflection and the silence of your being. We do have a DVD player with a projection screen and a library of spiritual and selected inspirational movies in our private cinema by the ocean.

What do I need to bring?

We will send you a list once you sign up.

How do I prepare for my juice fast retreat?

In order to receive more benefits from your cleanse, you should be eliminating acidic foods like: processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat, dairy and wheat from your diet, at least 2-3 days before the retreat. Eat more alkaline, whole foods such as: vegetables, fruits, almonds, quinoa, red rice. Drink plenty of fresh water, at least 8 glasses a day.

Can I do half juicing/half eating?

Yes, if you would like to do half fasting and half cleansing diet we can arrange that. It is best to schedule this in advance. Usually people choose 1 meal per day, either lunch or dinner.

What if I get hungry on the juice fast?

We serve five large glasses of juice a day, liquid supplements, unlimited tea and water. Most people feel quite full and do not get hungry and feel lighter with more energy then when eating since the digestive process normally consumes a lot of energy. Some people, on the first or second day, have a temporary sense of hunger because the organism is conditioned to want food and have a full feeling in the belly. This usually passes quickly. If you need extra nourishment, we can add blended raw green soups and miso broth.


What is a raw foods diet?

Raw foods are foods that are unprocessed, not heated over 110 degrees and contain live enzymes and all nutrients. Some people imagine a raw foods diet as a carrot and a stick of celery on a plate! They are completely surprised to discover our gourmet, delicious meals prepared daily by our professional chefs. We serve raw pizzas, pastas, sushi, falafel, neat burgers, soups, granola, smoothies, nut milks . . . We use soaked & sprouted nuts and grains, we dehydrate and make crackers, pizza crust, tortillas. We serve excellent desserts including raw chocolate, cheesecakes and apple pies. (You can see photos of some of these dishes on our Personal Retreats page.)

Do you provide a space and supplies to do art?

Yes, we provide art supplies for your creative fun and healing projects.

Do you have a library?

Yes, we have a library with books on psychology, spirituality, self-growth etc. It’s an ideal facility for a writer’s retreat or simply for reading, meditating or journaling.

What are the benefits of the retreat?

Here are some of the benefits that our clients have experienced in the past from this work. (Note that we cannot guarantee these results. Each person must take 100% responsibility for their own healing, complete the program and continue healing practices after the retreat):

  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation
  • Peace of Mind
  • Rejuvenation of Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reconnection with Nature
  • Healing Grief & Loss
  • Increase Health & Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Freedom from Addictions; holistic support in the recovery
  • Transform Depression & Anxiety
  • Empower your Life Purpose & Vision
  • Heal Relationship patterns
  • Learn to be Present and experience Stillness
  • Spiritual Awakening