• Shamanic Medicinal Journey with Amazon's medicinal plants
    February 5, 2019 - February 12, 2019
    12:00 am - 11:55 pm

7 day/7 night Retreat with Temazcal, Indigenous Rituals and Sacred Ceremonies

What’s included:

  • Deeply healing and transformative Ayahuasca ceremonies and native medicines from Amazon
  • 2 night ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Shamanic jungle walk with microdose of San Pedro
  • Temazcal
  • Integration activities
  • Group and individual conversations and sharing
  • Chanting Circle
  • Meditation
  • Yoga/Chi-Gong/Kundalini and Meditation
  •  Chanting Class
  • Accommodations in a private/shared room with a bathroom and ocean view
  • 3 vegetarian meals buffet style daily – Non GMO, sugar-free and mostly organic
  • Group Breathwork
  • Indigenous Rituals – Temazcal, Rapé
  • Waterfall Hike
  • Swimming and Snorkeling

What is a Temazcal Ceremony?
temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated with pre-hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. The word temazcal comes from the Nahuahtl word temāzcalli (“house of heat”) or possibly from the Aztec teme (to bathe). Temazcal has several health and spiritual benefits said to help detox the body, mind and soul. It is said to bring about spiritual awakening and deep healing. The ceremony is led by a shaman or local leader with chanting, herbs and other rituals.    


Breakfast & Lunch and Soup for dinner– Together we cleanse and prepare our body to receive the medicine with light fasting in the evening. We provide healthy organic, vegetarian meals in the morning for breakfast and lunch.

Smoothie and Juices are available for additional purchase.

Come relax, cleanse and transform at the retreat Pura Vida in Mexico as you surround yourself with everything the incredible destination has to offer. Moments of meditation on a quiet sea with deep blue waters, daily yoga class with morning, evening meditation with spiritual inquiry, and three vegetarian and vegan meals a day. Discover the beautiful village of Yelapa Mexico at this week-long retreat that will bring restoration and harmony to your mind, body, and soul.

There is a preparation to follow:

Dieting from minimum two weeks before and after retreat,

Following the most organic and vegetarian food diet possible

-meat pork and beef (essential)
-Meals very heavy, spicy, Chile, fried, canned, processed juices, soda, processed chocolates.
– Very sweet … substitute honey
Nutra Sweet – Aspartame or sugar substitute
-Cheese other than raw.

24 hours before ripe bananas and avocados (black parts)

  • Pork and beef / dieting 2 weeks before and after
  • Any natural or synthetic drugs (including cannabis *)
  • Alcohol / 2 weeks before and after
  • Pharmaceutical medications
  • Psychotropics
  • Any type of alternative treatment or Allopathic -please let us know
  • Surgery – within last 6 months
  • Food supplements, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng Protein 
  • Sexual activity  3 DAYS BEFORE AND AFTER
  • If you want to know more about diet and preparation:   http://www.ayahuasca.com/information-discussion/foods-and-meds-to-avoid-with-maois/

 The most important:
bring an open heart, willing to work
deeper in order to re-connect with our inner selves, the energy of Mother Earth, build peace, harmony and consequently,
health and joy in our lives and a better relationship with our environment.

  • Optional bodywork/energy work sessions (massage/Reiki/Deep Tissue, / acupuncture/cupping/Ozone Therapy/ Chinese medicine health evaluation
    Additional Breathwork / counseling sessions and bodywork / energy work/ sessions are available at additional cost.

Accommodations: commune with nature in all its forms—sea, jungle, river, tropical plants and birds. Accommodations are rustic, but clean and comfortable, designed in modern Mexican palapa style, with all comforts, including hot showers, mosquito nets, safe boxes, LED lights, hammocks, etc.

Enjoy the thrill of living just right above the ocean with amazing views and natural meditative sounds, a few minute walk to the beach. Reservations are based on first come first serve bases – to get a better room reserve your space early. This is a small, intimate retreat and the space is limited. Delicious, healthy foods, veggie and fruit juices, smoothies, coconuts fresh from nature—mostly local and organic.

Additional activities can include:

  • Boat trip to the Marietas Islands: snorkeling in crystal clear waters, wildlife watching and the best opportunity to see dolphins and whales.
  • Trip to Botanical Gardens: enjoying amazing variety of orchids and other tropical plants
  • Hikes to waterfalls, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming in the warm ocean – right in front of your room  
  • Thalassotherapy – immersing yourself in the warm ocean water helps to absorb trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and iodide found in seawater. It’s energizing and rejuvenating
  • Meditate to the sound of gentle waves.
  • Snorkel daily – just a few minutes away from your cottage
  • Swim in our Ocean Water Infinity Pool 

Thalassotherapy – Soak in the ocean water Hot Tub. Immersion in the warm ocean water full of natural salts and minerals is very beneficial for your health.




About the guides of the Medicinal Journey:


There is a calling from spirit, a yearning for more, a desire for healing that once heard cannot be denied.  When I first heard that call, Spirit brought me into the loving arms of Nicola Mina and Veronica Valiente.  Their gentle compassionate way, their beautiful music and the method in which they serve the medicine with respect and knowledge cannot be described but must be experienced in order to believe.   I know that from the very first ceremony they became my family and ten years later I regularly return to enjoy the beauty of the medicine.

Nicola was born in Torino Italy and from a young age he knew that music was his life.  He grew up in a rural community in Northern Italy and by the time he was a teenager he was writing, producing and performing in a wide variety of styles.   His love of music didn’t stop with performing, leading him to study and find work in audio engineering and sound design.

The world called for Nicola and he answered the call, traveling around until finding a home in the Caribbean part of Mexico in 1996.   He found work with a major resort development company where he oversaw the creation of theatre productions, discoteques and massive resort installations.    In one of the resorts he saw the future love of his life, Veronica Valiente and immediately they fell in love and started a family.

Nicola moved with Veronica first to the Dominican and then brought her to Italy where he studied web development.   Two years later they returned to Mexico where Nicola started a website design company.    That was when Spirit called out to him, leading him to try Ayahuasca for the first time.  It only took one ceremony for Nicola and Veronica to know that their lives were forever changed.   It was also during this time that they met traditional Huichol Maracames (Huichol shamans) and were initiated into the power plant known as Peyote.

They could see that the people in their community needed the healing provided by the sacred plant medicine of Ayahuasca and yet were not satisfied with the secular way it was introduced to them.  Inspired by Spirit they moved to Peru to study the medicine in an intensive way under Alonzo Del Rio and Diego Palma.

Nicola took many trips back and forth between Peru and Mexico, each time delving deeper into his dieta, visiting traditional shamans of the Amazonian Rainforest, trying all of the medicines available and learning through experience.

By 2008 the people in Mexico were calling for him to serve the medicine and he could no longer wait to respond.  In that time there were no other shaman holding regular ceremony in Mexico so Nicola and Veronica took up the call and started to perform weekly ceremonies.  Every month or two they would travel across Mexico to Tzespotlan and Guadalajara to serve the medicine and aid in growing the tribe that today counts in the thousands.

Nicola, Veronica and their two children packed up their things in 2011 to return to Peru to join the tribe there.   After two years they realized that the tribe in Mexico needed them and returned back to the Maya Riviera to continue their great work.    By 2014 the community had grown and other shamans were taking the call.  Nicola and Veronica felt that it was time for them to scale down and so they moved to Oaxaca to dedicate their work on more intimate gatherings and intensive retreats.    Nicola also started up his own recording studio at their home in Oaxaca and has helped many aspiring musicians and shamans alike find their voice and sound.

Nicola and Veronica bring a warmth, kindness and soft strength to ceremony that few others can replicate.   While in ceremony you will feel safe, open and the absolute beauty of the music will take you on a journey of healing and integral self-realization.

Their style of ceremony begins with clear explanations,  sincere prayers and traditional Peruvian icaros.   When the medicine has taken hold they move into Spanish and English medicine songs as well as Hindu and Buddhist mantras.   They blend together the best of Eastern and Western spiritual paths with gentle and humble brilliance.   By the end of the ceremony the participants will feel raised again into the divine, healed and ready to integrate the profound lessons they have been given by the medicine.   Nicola and Veronica’s work does not stop with the ceremony as they always meet with the participants for further sessions to understand the journey and to find ways towards integration.

For me personally, I bring all of my close family members and friends to have their first ceremony with Nicola and Veronica.  I trust that they will always have the very best first experience, one with such beauty and joy that they will want share and repeat the wonder of all that Ayahuasca can be.

If you have any other questions or comments please do not hesitate to reach out.


For more information visit: puravidaecoretreat.com


Yelapa, Mexico


Yelapa is a small fishing village located 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta and accessible only by boat. Nestled between a tropical jungle and a sandy beach, with no cars or roads, it is a perfect place for a healing retreat. Yelapa is a very unique, safe and peaceful place with very little crime, so do not get discouraged by stories and news about Mexico. Only a 2.5-hour flight from Los Angeles and a 40 minute boat ride from Puerto Vallarta (15 minutes taxi drive from the airport to water taxi)