• Personal Transformation Retreat / Holistic Breathwork™ Practitioner Certification Course Level 1 in Yelapa, Mexico
    April 22, 2019 - April 28, 2019
    12:00 am - 11:55 pm

This Retreat is both Personal Transformation Retreat and also meets the requirements for Level One Holistic Breathwork™ Practitioner Course – 70 hours of Training

Requirements for a Holistic Breathwork™ Practitioner Certification – 500 hours

140 hrs of retreat training for – Level 1 and 2 followed by Individual practice and home study

Level One – Your Own Personal Healing

  • You will dive deeply into your own wounding to process, release and heal.
  • What it takes to be fully present and become an authentic listener.
  • Exploring the effects of Pre- and Peri-Natal patterns
  • Exposing and healing childhood emotional imprints
  • Transforming ingrained unconscious mind patterns
  • Exposing Ego-Mind
  • Exploring Defense Structures
  • Re-Parenting
  • Learning and practicing Self-Love
  • Healing Trauma and Depression and other forms of suffering
  • Transforming Addictions and unhealthy habits
  • Relationships
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Learning how to surrender
  • Personal and group Breathwork sessions
  • Daily movement – yoga, meditation, Chi-Gong, 5 Rhythms conscious dance movement
  • Detox your mind, body and soul – physical, emotional, mental

Level Two – What it Takes to Hold Space for Others to Heal

  • How to identify clients body language during a session
  • Learning how to listen and hold the space of Presence
  • The physiology of the breathing process
  • Shadow work
  • Mind programming for positive results
  • The art of giving conscious feedback
  • Paired breathwork practice sessions
  • Learning basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and mindfulness practices
  • Ethics, sexual boundaries and healthy client relationships
  • Differentiating between healing client relationships and personal relationships
  • How to present yourself as a practitioner
  • Building your business

Level Three – Spiritual Embodiment – in life and professional practice – with assigned home inquiry and practice

  • Finding your inner leader and author
  • Building your true Self-Esteem through Self- Realization
  • Respecting your body as a temple
  • Exploring spiritual and human dimensions of Spirit
  • Learning to live as fully integrated human being – Vertical and Horizontal aspects of life

Holistic Breathwork Certificate Criteria for Home Study

To be completed within 2 years of completing the Holistic Breathwork Course

Four aspects of work – Body, Mind, Spirit, Shadow

90 hours for each category, 360 total hours

Examples of workshops, retreats, certifications, degrees that can be applied as electives:

Body – 90 hours

Reiki, Yoga, Massage, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Nia Dance, 5 Rhythms

Mind – 90 hours

Byron Katies workshops, retreats, Non Violent Communication classes or written materials – Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Psychology Degree, Life Coaching Certification or courses

Spirit 90 hours

Silent retreats and Satsangs with Spiritual Teachers such as:
Mooji, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle,, Vippassana,
Medicinal Journeys (Subject to teacher evaluation)

Shadow 90 hours

Emotional Intelligence 2.0
The Presence Process
Big Mind
Somatic Experiencing Workshops or Certification Courses
NVC workshops

Electives of Healing Arts

Massage training

Electives in Psychology & processing

Byron Katie workshop or similar
John Wellwood workshop
Psychology degree

Home study – Reading

NVC Dr Marshall Rosenburg
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Test
Love Languages – Gary Chapman
Presence Process – Michael Brown
Loving What is – Byron Katie
I need your love – Is it true? – Byron Katie
Waking the Tiger, Healing the Tiger – Peter Levine
Big Mind Big Heart, Finding your way – Genpo Roshi / Denis Merzel
Diamond in your Pocket – Gangaji
Finding Clarity – Jeru Kabal
Emptiness Dancing – Adyashanti
Eckhart Tolle – New Earth

This retreat also includes:

  • Accommodations: Modern Mexican Palapa style casas with all comforts: hot water showers, mosquito nets, safety storage boxes, LED reading lighting, hammocks, organic comfortable beds, etc.
  • Healthy, mostly organic, vegeterian food, shakes and juices
  • Daily Yoga, Conscious dance, Chi-Gong or other form of Mindful practices
  • Trip to waterfalls
  • Optional: Boat trip to explore nearby beaches and great snorkeling
  • Time for swimming, snorkeling, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.

What is Holistic Breathwork™?

The word holistic comes from Greek word holos – whole.It means that healing needs to embrace the whole, and not just separate parts. It also means that nothing can be discarded or ignored, it rather needs a full integration of all parts.Each human being displays multiple aspects of Spirit and they all need to be addressed.In the holistic approach we don’t just acknowledge a complete person, physically, mentally and psychologically. We move beyond the person, into transpersonal, as the “whole” doesn’t exist just as a separate person.We explore spiritual and human dimensions of Being. Or in other words: vertical and horizontal, being nothing and everything at the same time.

There are two basic breathing techniques being practiced during the Holistic Breathwork™ session, which help to facilitate both: human vulnerability in the personal, and human spirituality, beyond the personal.

The session integrates sharing, spiritual counseling, conscious feedback, inquiry, transformation of negative core patterns and beliefs, life coaching and conscious, connected, deep breathing.


Teachers:  Dr. Ann West and Anjay Skwira.    

Dr. Ann West is a seasoned relationship coach, holding over 20 years of experience assisting families, couples and individuals. Her deep desire to learn about the mind and how we think only increased as she studied clinical psychology. Along the way she discovered a natural calling in the fields of psychology and spirituality, which culminated in her earning a Ph.D in Spiritual Psychology.

Dr. West teaches Non-Violent Communication, in addition to coaching individuals in relationship breakdowns towards breakthroughs. Over the past 20 years, Ann has utilized her training in PAIRS to help thousands of couples and individuals make major breakthroughs in their lives and relationships, acting as the magnifying lens that allows them to identify their blind spots, and overcome them. Under her nurturing guidance, clients can eliminate fears, stay on track with life choices, and release the emotional trauma holding them back.

A 3rd Degree Usui Reiki Master, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, Theta Healing practitioner and Life Coach. For the past 20 years, Dr. West has taught meditation and more advanced techniques such as trauma release to help clients recover from childhood traumas, deep emotional wounds, and extreme loss.

Anjay Skwira is a Director of Pura Vida Eco Retreat and Sacred Springs Retreat. Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher, Holistic Breathwork™ Practitioner/Trainer and Aquatic Bodyworker with extensive training and certifications in Watsu, Waterdance, Healing Dance as well as Esalen, Thai, Swedish, Tantsu, Self-Healing, Movement Education, Anahatha Yoga. Integrative and Yin Yoga and Taoist Chi Gong. In his twenties, Anjay had a near death experience that was his first spritual awakening. Since then Anjay has been travelling extensively, has lived in India and Africa, and has spent a lot of time in meditation, silent retreats and embraced various spiritual practices. His main passion is to live an awakened life and to share it with others. He enjoys in-depth study and practice of self-inquiry and meditation as a path of liberation. In his teaching and counseling he integrates over 40 years of experience in spiritual practices and leading healing retreats.


Yelapa, Mexico


Yelapa is a small fishing village located 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta and accessible only by boat. Nestled between a tropical jungle and a sandy beach, with no cars or roads, it is a perfect place for a healing retreat. Yelapa is a very unique, safe and peaceful place with very little crime, so do not get discouraged by stories and news about Mexico. Only a 2.5-hour flight from Los Angeles and a 40 minute boat ride from Puerto Vallarta (15 minutes taxi drive from the airport to water taxi)