About Us

All our practitioners are certified in alternative holistic healing health therapies and treatments. Some of the practitioners are available for all retreats, others may require advanced scheduling.

Anjay Skwira is a Director of Pura Vida Eco Retreat and Sacred Springs Retreat. Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher, Holistic Breathwork™ Practitioner/Trainer and Aquatic Bodyworker with extensive training and certifications in Watsu, Waterdance, Healing Dance as well as Esalen, Thai, Swedish, Tantsu, Self-Healing, Movement Education, Anahatha Yoga. Integrative and Yin

Yoga and Taoist Chi Gong. In his twenties, Anjay had a near death experience that was his first spritual awakening. Since then Anjay has been travelling extensively, has lived in India and Africa, and has spent a lot of time in meditation, silent retreats and embraced various spiritual practices. His main passion is to live an awakened life and to share it with others. He enjoys in-depth study and practice of self-inquiry and meditation as a path of liberation. In his teaching and counseling he integrates over 35 years of experience in spiritual practices and leading healing retreats.


Dana Hutson has been in the holistic health field for more than 25 years. She practiced medical therapeutic massage therapy for 8 years, working with nutritional counselors, homeopaths and chiropractors before entering the holistic spa world. Her official studies include Shiatsu, Swedish, prenatal, deep tissue/sports massage, reflexology, myfascial release, traditional herbal medicine and 2nd

degree Reiki energetic healing, She never tires of learning and is constantly researching new innovative techniques from healing practices from around the world. Dana’s massage sessions are a synthesis of these creating unique client centered profound relaxation experiences.

During her spa consulting years, Dana helped open the 5 star Allegria Spa at Ventana Inn in Big Sur, California. She helped design and consulted for the Cygalle Healing Spa at the prestigious Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.

Dana is an award winning massage therapist and she has had the honor of working on Ellen Degeneres, Alanis Morrisette, Demi Moore, as well as, other stars from the film, music and fashion world. Jjust so you know, she treats all of her clients as if they are celebrities)

She found Yelapa 19 years ago and fell in love with it’s incredible beauty and decided to step out of the busy world of holistic spa consulting to simplify her life, She now practices her healing art exclusively here in Yelapa.


Dr. Ann West is a seasoned relationship coach, holding over 20 years of experience assisting families, couples and individuals. Her deep desire to learn about the mind and how we think only increased as she studied clinical psychology. Along the way she discovered a natural calling in the fields of psychology and spirituality, which culminated in her earning a Ph.D in Spiritual Psychology.

Dr. West teaches Non-Violent Communication, in addition to coaching individuals in relationship breakdowns towards breakthroughs. Over the past 20 years, Ann has utilized her training in PAIRS to help thousands of couples and individuals make major breakthroughs in their lives and relationships, acting as the magnifying lens that allows them to identify their blind spots, and overcome them. Under her nurturing guidance, clients can eliminate fears, stay on track with life choices, and release the emotional trauma holding them back.

A 3rd Degree Usui Reiki Master, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, Theta Healing practitioner and Life Coach. For the past 20 years, Dr. West has taught meditation and more advanced techniques such as trauma release to help clients recover from childhood traumas, deep emotional wounds, and extreme loss.


Ashley Chapman is a Raw Food Chef, Reiki Master, Tarot Oracle and a mother.

IMG_7970Her passion is to organize healing retreats and to support people in finding their own healing wisdom. She integrates her Native American heritage, Holistic Nutrition and various Somatic practices.

She is inspired by creativity in exploring fine arts, playing piano and the daily joys of family life.









Dr Cara Clark practices Chinese Medicine and is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor ( both in the state of Oregon). She graduated ñ from The National College of Natural Medicine where she completed a year-long residency in general family medicine and women’s health, and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine both in Portland Oregon. She is currently thrilled to livepart time in Yelapa, Mexico, and in Southern Oregon.
Intuitive, strong, compassionate and skilled, Cara approaches bodywork from a holistic and educated perspective, blending the best of east and west. Because of her background, Cara skillfully mixes cupping, acupuncture, traditional massage and Tui Na with various other techniques based on the needs and desires of her clients.

Abigail Rose is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Embodyoga Teacher, and has completed more than 1000 hours studying with the founder of the school, Patty Townsend. Embodyoga® is a way of approaching the art and science of yoga from the inside out, and is an invitation to fully explore and inhabit the body and mind with curiosity, awe, and deep self-acceptance. Abigail’s

classes focus on understanding the relationship between the body and the earth, and the way this relationship provides the nourishing support necessary to reach out into the world and take our practice beyond the mat. Abigail is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage, in which the recipient of the massage is gently rocked and moved into various yoga positions, while the meridians of the body are massaged using the palms of the hands. Thai Yoga Massage is a wonderfully relaxing and gentle form of massage, often referred to as “lazy yoga”, because it is so much like having someone “do” the physical practice of yoga for you, leaving you free to relax fully into the energetics of the practice.


Vida Farias  Native of Mexico, is an experienced Massage Therapist and Spiritual Guide. She has been practicing Holistic, Integrative Massage for many years at Pura Vida and other retreat centers.

She is very intuitive and integrates in her massage practice many other spa modalities. Vida also teaches Restorative and Yin Yoga at Pura Vida.

She is bilingual, being able to guide people in her native Spanish as well as in fluent English.



Volunteer Program – 20 hour week in exchange for housing and depending on the contributions, food.

We need support in construction, gardening, office/computer, promotion work, yoga program and healing arts.

Be part of a small community committed to healing and spiritual awakening in a beautiful, healthy environment.